Our Mission Statement

We offer opportunities for human formation which grounds, deepens, renews and revitalizes the deacon’s encounter with Christ the Servant, who came “not to be served but to serve ” (Mk. 10.45).

Five core values guide our mission. 

1) The Primacy of the Interior Life

This primary core value focuses on a life of prayer and grace. We contextualize it within the sacraments and liturgy, virtue formation, and discernment of spirits. This graced interior life integrates human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation.

2) Human Maturation and Integration

We assist in the process of human maturation, the integration of a man’s relational, emotional, psychological and physical life. The goal is that the deacon may grow into a “mature manhood…, into the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4.13).

3) Diaconate Theological Forum

We advance the theological understanding of the diaconate within the context of a forum of contemplative theological reflection, the fruits of which we offer to the broader ecclesial community.

4) Collegial Fraternity

We utilize a contemplative approach in our decision making, a disposition that enhances Christian fraternity.

5) A Locus and Bridge for Collaboration 

We seek to serve as a locus and bridge for internal and external collaboration which advances the formation of candidates, deacons, and deacon formators.

We deploy these five core values in four fundamental ways:

(1) deepened spiritual formation, (2) diaconate theological forums, (3) certification in spiritual direction, (4) workshops in support of diocesan diaconate formation programs.

Our Impact

Organize your next retreat with us.

“My experience here was wonderful. It was such a good thing to just unplug from life and plug into the Lord. One of the most important things that came out early in the retreat week was that you can’t be a good deacon without interiority. Our diaconate has to flow from our interiority. Speaking personally, I can tell you it’s very easy to lose that… So if any of you have not done a retreat… or if you just need some time to plug into the Lord. I would highly recommend this retreat.”

Dcn. Mark Mies

Retreat Participant

Archdiocese of Kansas City